Hundreds of Citizens in Difficult Conditions Await Transition on Dagestan Border

Baku / 29.05.20 / Turan: Hundreds of Azerbaijani citizens awaiting return to their homeland continue to remain on the border in Dagestan in difficult conditions.

As one of them, Asim Tagiyev, told Turan, for a month now people have actually been living in the field near the village of Kullar, Magaramkent district.

“We actually ended up on the street. First, we built tents from cellophane and other improvised means. But then the Russian Emergencies Ministry set up a camp here. It is unbearably hot during the day, and four snakes have already been killed near the tents. We are fed with pearl barley and buckwheat. Many of us have run out of money. There is no way to take a shower here,” Tagiyev said.

According to him, women, children, the elderly and the sick have already been allowed into Azerbaijan. Two parties left on May 19 and 26 - 120 and 131 people. At the same time, 400-500 people remain near Kullar.

There are not enough places in the tents. Some people live in cars or just on the street. Some others have found shelter in car washes or unfinished buildings.

When asked when the next batch of citizens would be allowed to enter Azerbaijan, Tagiyev said: “They don’t tell us anything definite. Azerbaijani officials arrived on May 28, they examined the tents from a distance and drove back without telling us anything.

On May 27, the temporary headquarters of Azerbaijanis was visited by the deputy head of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, Pavel Baryshev. He talked with the people and got acquainted with the conditions of their stay in the camp, the administration of the Derbent region reported on their Instagram page.

Baryshev promised to create additional conditions for Azerbaijani citizens and increase the number of tents, the report says.

The Azerbaijani authorities do not give detailed comments, only stating that the return of the citizens is carried out on schedule, and in close interaction between the relevant state bodies of the two countries. —06B-


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