Authorities refused to authorize opposition rally on February 23

Baku / 20.02.19 / Turan: The executive branch of Baku refused to notify the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF) to hold a rally on February 23 at the Mehsul Stadium.

The city administration motivated its refusal by "disturbing public order" during an opposition rally on January 19.

For the same reasons, the mayor"s office did not authorise the rally on 26 January.

The NCDF rejects the arguments of the authorities and indicates that after the rally on January 19, the metropolitan police said that during the rally there were no "serious violations of public order".

The NCDF described the actions of the authorities as a violation of freedom of assembly, the country's Constitution and the international obligations of Azerbaijan.

After a discussion inside the structure, the NCDF will decide to postpone the rally or hold an uncoordinated action.

The February 23 rally was planned to demand the release of political prisoners, the return to the country of funds withdrawn to offshore, compensation to the population of additional credit debts arising from the devaluation of the manat. -06d-

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