Early Elections Rigged and Do Not Reflect People’s Will - National Council

Baku / 10.02.20 / Turan: The early parliamentary elections on February 9 were held in an atmosphere of mass fraud and flagrant illegality. Data across the country indicate a definite conclusion - the elections are completely falsified and do not reflect the will of the Azerbaijani people. This is stated in a statement by the National Council of Democratic Forces (NCDF).

Video and photo evidence of countless violations and sheer fraud are widespread in the media and social networks. “This irrefutable evidence is enough to invalidate the election results,” the statement said.

The NCDF notes that even the very context of the announcement of early elections gives reason to doubt the legitimacy of this process. There were no public discussions about the need for early elections, nor any reasonable reasons for holding them. The government did not provide any rationale for the snap election.

The NCDF also indicates an overstatement of election turnout of up to 50%. Data from independent observers show that turnout was no higher than 10-15%. “This is a catastrophically low voter turnout, along with minimal public participation in the campaign itself, which indicates that the vast majority of the population boycotted the election,” the statement said.

Taking into account that the election process was not free and unfair from the very beginning, as well as flagrant violations on the elections day, the National Council states that the early elections on February 9 did not reflect the will of the people and were completely falsified.

“This new parliament is completely drawn up on the basis of the list approved by the Aliyevs and cannot represent the Azerbaijani people,” the document emphasizes.

The NCDF called on the people of Azerbaijan and the international democratic community not to accept or put up with the results of these elections.

The people of Azerbaijan are deprived of the fundamental constitutional right to choose and be a source of power. In order to restore this basic right, the people of Azerbaijan must mobilize and take part in the civil, mass and consistent protest movement,” the statement says.

The international democratic community must also fulfill its obligations and put serious pressure on the Azerbaijani government to force it to abandon authoritarian rule. Targeted sanctions against the ruling regime should be implemented as the first step on this path, the statement says.  —06D--


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