Karabakh separatists agreed to accept humanitarian aid from Russia through Agdam

Baku/09.09.23/Turan: Karabakh separatists announced that they are ready to accept humanitarian aid sent by the Russian Red Cross and allow its import through Agdam. This is stated in the message of the “government” of Karabakh on the evening of September 9.

According to the same source, “an agreement has been reached according to which the transportation of humanitarian goods through the Lachin corridor will be restored through Russian peacekeepers and the International Committee of the Red Cross.”

The Armenians did not say with whom exactly such an agreement was reached.

Az well it is also not clear whether this is a one-time agreement or a long-term one.

Baku previously stated that roads through Agdam and Lachin should be opened simultaneously and cargo through Lachin would undergo Azerbaijani customs procedures.

The new Karabakh “president” immediately after his election made it clear that in addition to the Lachin road, “other roads may be used.” He also said that “there must be negotiations with Azerbaijan.”

“Their format can be multilateral or bilateral with third party guarantees.”

At the same time, he stated that Karabakh should receive the status.

Official Baku has not yet announced the opening of the road through Agdam and the restoration of cargo movement through Lachin. -02B-

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