MIA: the number of offenders among the police increased

Yesterday the Interior Ministry held a Board meeting devoted to the Rule of Law in the police and the problems arising from the law "On prevention of homelessness and juvenile delinquency."

As the press service of the Interior Ministry said, according to the first question, the head of the department of internal investigations Rasim Musayev reported.

According to him, since the beginning of the year the number of violations of the law by the police increased by 8.1%, while the number of those punished for it grew by 13.2%.

In connection with the identified 129 violations of the rights and freedoms disciplinary charges were brought against 202 employees, including 30 removed from the police, 30 others released from their positions and 1 demoted.

On the second issue the Chief of the Public Safety Department Javanshir Mammadov reported.

According to him, over the past year and a half the police, centers for special detention and insulators received 7,890 people, including 925 minor beggars and 297 parents involving their children in illegal activities.

Mammadov said that along with it, 41 criminal groups, which consisted of 124 adolescents and committed 117 crimes, were rendered harmless.

756 juveniles that committed 729 crimes were also identified. -16D-

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