Program for the elderly

Today is World Day for the elderly. Yesterday the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Azerbaijan prepared a draft State Program to strengthen social protection of older people in the years 2014-2020. The document is being approved by the government.

According to official statistics, in the country there are about 400,000 people over the age of 70 years (according to the law "On Social Services", which is the minimum age for the recognition of elderly citizens).

In Azerbaijan, the basic part of the pension is 105 manat on the average monthly pension of 183 manat. Under the law, the limit criterion of need in the country in 2014 is set at 100 manat. Living wage to January 1, 2014 is 125 manat, for able-bodied population - 136, for pensioners - 103, and for children - 103 manat.

According to the ministry, in developing the draft program, the Ministry committed to the principles of the Madrid International Plan of the UN and the Vienna Ministerial Conference on the problems of the elderly, as well as the principles of creating favorable conditions for decent living conditions and enhancing their integration into society. --17D-

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