PFPA Leader’s Internet, Phones Blocked Again

Baku/15.04.20/Turan: The statement of the Azerbaijan Popular Front Party says that it is already 2 days that Azerbaijani government prevents the Popular Front Party chairman Ali Karimli accession to the Internet in various ways. At the night of April 13th to 14th, Ali Karimli and his family members' mobile and Internet connection was cut off so that he was isolated from outside.

On 14 April, 2020, his Internet and mobile connection again was cut off in order to prevent him giving a prior-planned interview in an online TV. The Azerbaijan Popular Front Party states that the government has already lost its political sensitivity trying to create artificial agitation among the people in such terrible days concerning COVID-19.

Keeping cutting off Ali Karimli's Internet connection is not only political censorship against him, but also depriving hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people from the right to hear alternative thought and participate in civilized politics.

The Popular Front Party has no doubt that the government has further repulsive plans. The Popular Front Party, by informing on Ali Karimli's government-orchestrated isolation, calls on the international community to support Azerbaijani people in order to put an end to this unlawful situation.

Recall that on April 13 in the evening, the connection was interrupted when Ali Karimli was preparing for a live interview with journalist Sevinj Osmangyzy.

The same situation repeated in the evening of April 14, when the same interview was supposed to take place. Officials do not comment on what is happening. -03B-


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