Statement of the US Embassy on the Hasan Huseynli Trial Outcome

In another troubling development affecting civil society in Azerbaijan, authorities sentenced highly respected Ganja-based NGO leader Hasan Huseynli to six years in prison July 14 on extremely suspect hooliganism charges, reads US Embassy Statement.

The U.S. Embassy in Baku has worked closely with Huseynli on activities related to student exchanges and English language training.

Given his mild manner and history of promoting civic engagement and education, it is virtually impossible to believe Huseynli used a knife against a local resident, as the prosecution claimed.

Huseynli is among a growing number of civil society activists sentenced to lengthy prison terms in Azerbaijan.

As a partner of Azerbaijan, the United States continues to encourage greater respect for the rights of all Azerbaijani citizens. We firmly believe guaranteeing fundamental freedoms will help ensure Azerbaijan’s long-term stability and prosperity, and we remain committed to working with the government and people of Azerbaijan to achieve these goals, reads the statement.-0-

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