Ted Poe: the U.S. must do everything to implement TANAP (video)

The US-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce held a regular "series of performances in the Congress." Among them was also an event called "US-Azerbaijan Partnership", held on June 15. A guest of the event was Congressman Ted Poe.

In an interview with "Voice of America" ​​the congressman, who is the head of the House subcommittee on Foreign Relations, began with criticism of Russia.

In particular, he said that Moscow does not wish an alternative supply of gas to Europe. Stressing the importance of Azerbaijan's gas resources in this context, he said the United States and Azerbaijan should try to supply gas together.

"Over the next 20 years in the world gas demand will increase by 30%. We consume more energy, so we must find new sources. To meet the needs, manufacturers of fuel, which is the United States and Azerbaijan, can cooperate in this matter," said the congressman.

The gas currently coming to Europe is monopoly of Gazprom and TANAP is therefore a very important project.

This pipeline will run from Azerbaijan to Italy.

"I think the U.S. should do everything to make the project implemented. Our diplomats should seriously work in this direction. The project will strengthen the national security of our country and our allies in Europe, " said the congressman.

He noted that the US-Azerbaijani relations are not limited to cooperation in the field of energy. The two countries have recently opened direct air links, which, according to Ted Poe, is very important for business relations between the two countries. Direct cargo transportation is also very important. -03D04-

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