Gözəl Bayramlı

Gözəl Bayramlı

Baku / 24.08.17 / Turan: On August 24, the Baku Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of the deputy chairman of the Popular Front Party Geyzal Bayramli to extend her term of arrest.

The complaint was filed against the decision of the Nasimi court of August 17 to extend Bayramli's arrest for another 2 months.

Bayramli was arrested on May 25 on her return from Georgia and charged with smuggling $12000. Then the court arrested her for 3 months.

According to lawyer Elchin Sadigov, Bayramli's defense prepared a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights about the illegal arrest of Bayramli, and will soon send it to Strasbourg.

About Bayramli's health the lawyer noted that she still has serious problems, but she does not have the necessary medical help, the necessary medicines are not given. The lawyer also said that representatives of the Red Cross did not visit Bayramly. -03B-

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