The Ministry of Taxes "stitches" the case against Mehman Aliyev

Baku / 25.08.17 / Turan: The Ministry of Taxes published a message in connection with the arrest of the director of the Turan agency Mehman Aliyev. The report indicates that as a result of tax inspections against the agency Turan, a lawsuit was filed under the Article 213.1 (evasion from payment of taxes) of the Criminal Code.

It alleges that Aliyev allegedly abusing his official powers took on himself keeping records of the financial and economic activities of the agency, and fulfilling the functions stipulated by entrepreneurial activity, violated the requirement of the law "On Grants".

"In particular, for the period in 2010-2014 he got under grant contracts illegal income for 148.310 manat causing significant damage to the interests of the state. In addition, due to reasonable suspicions of concealment from payment to the state budget in 2010-2016 taxes amounting to 60080 by distorting the data in the income tax return.

Aliyev is charged under the Articles 192.2.2 (illegal entrepreneurship with the extraction of large income), 213.1 (tax evasion) and 308.1 (abuse of office), the decision of the Yasamal District Court against him was a preventive measure in the form of arrest for a period of three months," the Ministry of Taxes said. Mehman Aliyev categorically rejected the charges, calling them politically motivated. -06D-

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