Armenian authorities on the case of Elvin Ibrahimov

Baku / 03/19/19 / Turan: The National Security Service of Armenia expressed readiness to provide Elvin Ibrahimov, detained at the border with Azerbaijan, a meeting with his family guaranteeing their safety. The detainee was operated on and his health is satisfactory, Armenian ombudsman Arman Tatoyan said in his Twitter account.

Ibrahimov was wounded and detained on March 16, according to the Armenian Defense Ministry, he violated the border and was wounded in the leg.

Doctors operated on him, his health is assessed as satisfactory, Arman Tatoyan said after visiting the detainee in the hospital.

According to him, the detainee asked for the possibility of meeting with the family. "Elvin Ibrahimov asked for help, to meet or talk with family members," said Tatoyan. He discussed with the director of the National Security Service of Armenia Artur Vanetsyan the possibility of meeting with relatives.

"The National Security Service expressed its readiness to provide Ibrahimov a written, telephone or video connection with the family. In addition, the National Security Service stated its readiness to ensure that the arrested meet with his family in Armenia, guaranteeing their security," said Tatoyan.

According to him, the arrested person was granted a public defender and a translator. A criminal case has been initiated on the first paragraph of Article 329 of the Criminal Code of Armenia - "Illegal crossing the border," Tatoyan added.

The Border Guard Service of Azerbaijan earlier reported that Ibrahimov is the second group disabled and has psychological problems. However, the Frontier Service did not explain how the mentally ill person could cross the border. -02D-

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