Azerbaijani Child Returned from Iraq

Baku / 13.10.17 / Turan: A small Azerbaijani child named Abdullah was brought from Iraq to Baku. He was there in an orphanage after being released from the captivity of ISIS.

On the sad fate of Abdullah, whose mother died in Iraq, it became known from the video distributed in social networks a month ago.

After this, employees of the Azerbaijani embassy in Iraq engaged in this issue. With their escort, the child was taken to Baku and handed over to his relatives.

As the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Hikmet Hajiyev stated, work is being done to establish other Azerbaijani children in Iraq and to return them to their homeland.

"Identity is needed for the child"s removal from the country. After that, permission of the government of Iraq is required," Hajiyev said.

Earlier in the social networks, images of one of the shelters in the territories of Iraq liberated from ISIS were shown. Among the children were 2-year-old Khadija and 3-year-old Abdullah. After that, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the search began.

According to Azerbaijani special services, 900 citizens of Azerbaijan joined ISIS after the outbreak of the war in Syria and Iraq. 151 of them were deprived of their citizenship. -06D-

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