Brutally beaten Nasibov charged with assault

The Nakhchivan journalists and human rights activist Ilgar Nasibov w who was brutally beaten on August 21, was accused of beating, according to I.Nasibov. In particular, the human rights activist  is charged under the same Article 127.1 (deliberate infliction of damage to health), who was previously presented to Farid Askerov - party attacking him. On September 20 Nasibov was urgently summoned to Nakhchivan City Police Department, where he was charged.

Police said Askerov complained that Nasibov "stepped foot on his little finger." Earlier during the confrontation Askerov said nothing of the sort.  On September 22 Nasibov was again summoned to the police, and he did not rule out his arrest. The human rights activist said the prosecution is fabricated, and believes that it was put forward with a view to protect Askerov from  arrest.  On the other hand, Nasibov believes that  they want to scare him, so that he did not seek a fair investigation.

* Nasibov was beaten  by Askerov and others on August 21 in the office of the Resource Centre for Development of NGOs and democracy in Nakhchivan. Despite causing severe injuries, multiple fractures and a partial view of the damage, the police  filed a lawsuit on only  on  4 September. Later Nasibov was recognized as a victim, but the case was filed under "intentional infliction of minor bodily harm."

Many international organizations are required to investigate and punish the perpetrators and customers attack. The last time it was made in the resolution of the European Parliament on 18 September. -05B-

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