Family of Udjar complains of land grabbing

Former political prisoner,  an  independent journalist Fuad Huseynov working in the Ujar region, can be  arrested.  According to his  mother,  the reason can become a part of land belonging to Huseynov’s  family,  that was seized. The point is that in 1997 his father bought Huseynov about 300 square meters of land in the central part of the city  of  Udjar. Part of the site was registered to the name of the journalist’s father, and part of the  land to the name of his sister.   They have relevant documents , including the State Register Service of Real Estate. However, some time ago, the district authorities  sold the land to  Etibar Gasimov, who lives in Baku.

The Huseynovs complained to the higher authorities,  and as a result illegal construction of the captured portion was suspended. But the family angered local authorities.

Fuad Huseynov’s mother wrote in her appeal to Turan agency, that  they want to accuse her  son of concocted charges - drugs or violent behavior. She also reported that she had  appealed to the president, his wife, the law enforcement agencies and other relevant bodies.

Attempts  of Turan to contact the district administration for comment failed, because phones  did not respond.

Earlier, Fuad Huseynov was sentenced to 6 years and 4 months on charges of disorderly conduct, and in May 2014 he was pardoned.

The reason for his arrest became publication in the social networks of corruption and bureaucratic arbitrariness in the region. -05B04-

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