Fuad Musayev

Fuad Musayev

Baku / 17.06.17 / Turan: Fuad Musayev, a former high-ranking party official and the first president of the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan, died in Moscow at the age of 79.

In the 1970s and early 1990s, Musayev held senior positions in party and government bodies, was deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers and secretary of the Central Committee of the CPA.

In the years 1983-88 Musayev worked as the first secretary of the Baku City Committee of the CPA. At that time, a number of large-scale landscaping projects were implemented in the capital. It was then, the modern appearance received the Square of Fountains, became the pedestrian shopping street, the "Venice" on the boulevard was reconstructed. However, at the same time, a number of architectural buildings were demolished in the center of the capital, such as the historic building on the Neftyanikov Avenue opposite the Puppet Theater. After Azerbaijan gained independence, Musayev founded and headed the independent football federation of Azerbaijan (AFFA).

Musayev for more than ten years defended the independence of AFFA from state interference. For this reason, he was the object of persecution, and the federation was subjected to administrative criminal prosecution. Attempts by the authorities to displace Musayev, to create an alternative federation have failed. Musayev left the football federation in 2003, without nominating a candidate for the next AFFA reporting and election conference.

Musayev has a son, a daughter, 4 grandchildren. His son - Tofig Musaev is the deputy chairman of the permanent representation of Azerbaijan in the UN. -0--

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