Head of Ganja NGOs will say last word

The trial  in the case of the head of the NGO "Center for Civic Enlightenment “Intellectual”  Hasan Huseynli,  accused of disorderly conduct and illegal possession of knives, continued today  in the Nizami Court of  the city of Ganja. According to investigators, on 31 March Huseynli stabbed  Arzu Gahramanova,  Ganja resident. However, in fact, unknown individual came up to Huseynli on the street and began insulting, provoking a fight. Huseynli realized that it was a provocation, did not answer, and immediately called and told reporters about the incident.  Despite the fact that the prosecution has not been confirmed,  on July 4 prosecutor suggested  to sentence Huseynli to  seven years in prison. Today closing remarks were made by lawyers Elchin Sadigov and Alaif Hasanov, who asked to justify Huseynli. In an interview with  Turan agency,  Hasanov said that the prosecution in the illegal possession of weapons has not been announced, but  the indictment simply has a link to it. In fact there is no clarity about the instruments of crime, and most importantly, there is no evidence of a crime. Of four witnesses  two are  police officers. The third witness, Aygun Ogtaygyzy, refused to testify against. Another witness, Jamila Gulmamedova, argued that she  simply reported the incident to the service of "102" Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  "According to our information, these witnesses are often used by police as witnesses in a variety of criminal cases. Nizami and Kapaz courts, as well as Ganja Serous Crimes Court refused to answer our questions about it. The judge hearing the case by Huseynli also dismissed the application for requesting information about it," said the lawyer.

 The lawyer asked for a week  to prepare to the final word. However, the judge gave him only two hours by assigning  his speech   for 16:00. But later, the hearing was postponed to July 14.

"The haste with which the judge terminates the trial confirms the political nature of this case,"  said the lawyer.

The human rights defenders are convinced, the true cause of concern is that the authorities  are considerably concerned  with the influence  of Huseynli  on local youth, which  ignores formal events, preferring to deal with human rights activist.

* The  NGO “Intelligent Citizen” (ICEC) http://www.kamilv.az/ was founded in 2004. Organization received state registration in February 2009.

The main mission of this NGO is the dissemination of ideas of an open society in the Western region of Azerbaijan. For this purpose, educational activities of civil society, the main target group is youth projects, were conducted. -16/B04-

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