Nar presents advantageous �Vacation� bundles for roaming users

Nar introduced advantageous "Vacation" bundles for subscribers who use roaming services. Thanks to the new advantageous internet bundles, Nar subscribers will feel just like at home when travelling abroad, as there is no more need to look for free Wi-Fi zones. By choosing one of the "Vacation" bundles from Nar when planning a travel abroad you will make your trip even more affordable.

With this offer, prices for "Vacation-2" - 200 Mb bundle and "Vacation-5" - 600 Mb bundle will be 2 AZN and 5 AZN respectively. The "Vacation" bundles shall be valid for roaming in such countries as USA, Israel, Ukraine, Georgia, Iran, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

The bundles have 15 days of usage period with a 40 Kb tariffication interval. All the prepaid and post-paid subscribers are eligible to benefit from this offer. The offer is also valid for Nar data numbers. The subscribers are not limited to the number of ordered bundles. In this case, the internet traffic usage will be calculated based on the date of last ordered bundle. All you need to do to benefit from this offer is simply dial *777#102#YES for "Vacation-2" bundle or *777#105#YES for "Vacation-5" bundle. Dial *777#20#YES in order to check the remaining balance of the used bundle.

For more information about the roaming services, list of networks and tariffs of Nar visit®

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