Press Review 17/07/14

Official newspapers report on the participation of Ilham Aliyev at the opening of the power station Gunash in the Surakhani district of Baku.



The Swedish Foreign Minister expressed his doubts about the sincerity of Azerbaijan's participation in the program Eastern Partnership, since an authoritarian regime reigns there.

Responsible persons of the construction company DES have been arrested on charges of fraud. They promised the residents of the demolished houses on Soviet Street to build them a new building.

The driver of the head of traffic police of Baku Hasan Shirinov was fired for causing a traffic jam during the movement of the presidential motorcade.

The State Students Admission Commission lowered the passing score, indicating a very low level of education in the country.


Express writes that for 3,000 vacancies of teachers 18,000 documents have been submitted. The newspaper called it a "democratic competition."

The newspaper writes that in the last 6 months 13,742 people received jobs.



During the period of 1995-2013 Azerbaijan's economy attracted 83.8 billion dollars of foreign investment. In January-June 2014, the figure was 2.2 billion manat.


Bizim Yol published a joint statement of the Prosecutor General and the Ministry of National Security of the communications between the journalist Rauf Mirkadirov and the Armenian intelligence.


Yeni Musavat claims about the exile from Azerbaijan of the American company McDermott, which has operated in Azerbaijan for more than 20 years.

The Committee to Protect Petroleum Workers argues that within 6 months of the year 6,000 oilmen were fired.

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