Prosecutor asks to condemn businessman Huseyn Abdullayev for 8 years

Baku/19.09.19/Turan: The trial in the case of former businessman and former parliamentarian Huseyn Abdullayev is coming to an end in the Baku Military Court. In the case of the accused, his mother, Zeynab Abdullaeva, is not allowed to leave the country. The case is being considered by the Military Court, since among the seven accused there are border guards.

The criminal case was investigated under Article "illegal entrepreneurship", "fraud", "extortion by threats", "tax evasion", "illegal border crossing", etc.

At a meeting on September 19, the prosecutor asked Abdullayev to be sentenced to 8 years in prison. The prosecutor asked to convict another three defendants for a term of 6 to 8 years in prison, and for mother Abdullayev - a fine of 5 thousand manats.

Abdullaev emotionally reacted to the prosecutor"s speeches, shouting that he was falsifying the charges. The judge ordered Abdullayev to be taken out of the courtroom.

At the same time, Abdullaev"s mother became ill and ambulance doctors were summoned to court. After their intervention, the woman's condition returned to normal.

* Huseyn Abdullaev, being a native of the Nakhchivan region in the 1990s, held leading positions in the business related to oil and oil products. Groups of young men under his control participated in breaking up opposition protests.

In 2005, Abdullaev became a member of parliament and criticized the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers. In March 2007, at a parliamentary meeting, pro-government deputy Fazail Agamaly provoked Abdullaev to a fight.

However, only Abdullaev was punished. He was first arrested, and later sentenced for hooliganism to 2 years on probation. In 2013, he emigrated from Azerbaijan. Sometime later a criminal case was opened against him on tax charges. Living in Germany, Abdullaev prepared and published a number of songs on the social network with calls for mass protests. On April 22, 2018, Abdullayev was detained in Turkey, where he arrived from Germany, and extradited to Azerbaijan.

In Baku, he was charged under Article 192.2.2 (illegal business with the extraction of large incomes), 178.2.1 (fraud), 178.2.2, 178.2.4 (fraud), 182.2.1 (extortion by threat of prior conspiracy of persons), 182.2.2 (the same actions committed repeatedly) and 182.2.4 (the same actions committed with causing serious damage to the victim).

On February 1, the mother of the accused Zeynab Abdullaeva appealed to President Ilham Aliyev with a request to show humanity and mercy towards her son. She asked to take into account her advanced age and serious health problems among Abdullaev himself. -06D-

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