The prosecutor to perform at the trial P.Hashimli May 12

In the Baku Court of Grave Crimes on 5th May, under the chairmanship of Novruz Karimov the trial of journalist Parviz Hashimli accused of smuggling and illegal arms trade continued.

On Monday, the Court produced research documents and announced the conclusion of examinations.

At the suggestion of lawyer Hashimli footage of the confrontation 17th September, 2013 with another journalist, Tavakkul Gurbanov was shown.

Hashimli said that the video is distorted, because during the confrontation, Gurbanov stated that he had received 12 thousand dollars from the journalist in Ganja and three thousand dollars for the delivery of weapons to Baku. Now he claims that Hashimli allegedly gave Gurbanov all 15 thousand dollars in Ganja.

At the same time, on the video Gurbanov says Hashimli was arrested on his way to his car, and at the trial he claimed that they were detained inside the car.

It is on the basis of this testimony by Gurbanov Hashimli, that new charges of illegal arms trafficking was presented "perfect again."

During the video watching, Hashimli spat towards Gurbanov for giving false testimony.

The judge responded by accusing the journalist of not respecting the court. A short break was announced.

The judge appointed prosecutor Rail Ismaylov’s speech on May 12.

In turn, the lawyer Bahruz Bayramov told reporters that during the trial the vast majority of the defense motions were not satisfied.

He called biased the judicial investigation.

Parviz Hashimli was arrested by the MNS on 17th September, 2013. In March, the sentence was extended for another three months. He is accused of smuggling (Article 206.3.2) and illegal acquisition and possession of weapons (Article 228.2.1). The journalist pleaded not guilty and says that during his investigation he was forced to testify against some officials that allegedly financed the opposition, he was ordered to testify against the head of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli. -16B06-

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