Qaralı kəndini yeni tibb məntəqəsində. Foto: ABŞ səfirliyinin

Qaralı kəndini yeni tibb məntəqəsində. Foto: ABŞ səfirliyinin

Thanks to joint efforts between Azerbaijan and the United States, residents of Sabirabad district"s Garali village celebrated the completion of a new medical facility. Mrs. Anne Cekuta, spouse of U.S. Ambassador Cekuta, along with representatives of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Health, the local Executive Committee, and the municipal government representatives attended the event. USAID and the Government of Azerbaijan co-financed the construction of the medical facility, which was managed by the East-West Management Institute (EWMI).

"The United States is committed to helping the Azerbaijani people." Mrs. Cekuta said during the opening ceremony. "This project shows the sincere friendship the American people have towards the people of Azerbaijan."

With technical support from EWMI, Garali residents worked with their local and regional governments to replace an aging one-room medical point with a new facility able to meet the community"s healthcare needs. The new facility, which includes one examination room and one halfway for a waiting room, will improve the day-to-day access to healthcare for nearly 3,000 people from Garali and neighboring villages.

Through USAID"s Socio-Economic Development Activity (SEDA) program, EWMI promotes cooperation between citizens, civil society organizations, and government to advance socio-economic development and improve quality of life in rural areas. In total, EWMI has implemented 98 community projects in 86 Azerbaijani communities benefiting nearly 148,000 people.

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