Was the meteorite shot down by UFO?

 The meteorite in  Chelyabinsk  is  again  in the focus of attention of Russian media, but not  the meteorite itself, but how a sky-walker was shot down. Amateur footage are being  carefully reviewed by experts.

"Some object approached the meteorite, as they say in the rear,  and broke it  through: the fragments  fireball are seen even on the car, after hitting. Nobody can understand what it is.

It happened on February 15 on the approach to the Earth, as a result, only a small fragment  fell  on Urals, and the Earth was saved from the blast capacity of 30 Hiroshima.

The USA write about  possible "Russian secret weapon", fans  to speculate about extraterrestrial intelligence believe that the meteorite was rammed  by UFO. Actually, after that and there was the same explosion, from which windows in the houses in Chelyabinsk  wee broken," said in a report  of the channel "Rossiya24."

Some urologists claim  that UFO protect the Earth, and the meteorite downed by the  aliens might just be a manifestation of this "care".



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