Wildfire in Shamakha

 A wildfire began at night on  July 28 near the village  of Saghiyan in  Shamakha region.  According to preliminary data,  a fire began in the haystack, and  was spread by a  strong wind. During  two hours, the fire  covered  nearby territories.  

 It was difficult to extinguish fire because it was in the mountainous area.  As a result, the fire destroyed about three acres, including shrubs and trees. The incident was captured on video by the locals. 
Similar phenomena occur frequently in the dry summer. However, due to strong winds and the threat of fires primarily seriously increase their scale. This year, forest fires have caused considerable damage to vegetation in Lerik and Lankaran districts. In the past, fires caused serious damage in  Shirvan National Park and Gizilagach  reserve. -02В-

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