Elsa Vidal

Elsa Vidal

Baku/09.10.23/Turan: The pro-Armenian attitude of French public opinion is not a secret. After the war of 2020, these sentiments intensified even more, and in the meantime they have reached their apogee. In the media, and especially on TV channels, criticism and calls for sanctions against Baku are a private phenomenon.

The statements of the President, the Foreign Minister and the French parliament form a negative image of Azerbaijan and this happens despite the significant interests of large French companies in Azerbaijan.

Therefore, an alternative opinion, or just an objective assessment of the situation, looks like a challenge to French public opinion. It requires both courage and courage. But there are such people, there are few of them, but they are there.

Listen and read the performance of Elsa Vidal on French television. She alone silenced a whole group of experts and a TV presenter accusing Azerbaijan of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

Currently, Elsa heads the Russian department of RFI - Radio France International. Prior to that, she headed the department of Eastern Europe and CIS countries in the organization Reporters Without Borders, which the Azerbaijani authorities call "pro-Armenian".

Here are the theses from her speech on a talk show on the 5th TV channel of France a week ago:

“The country violating territorial integrity is Armenia, since during the first war Armenia captured not only Karabakh, but also 7 adjacent districts.”

“Azerbaijanis were expelled from their lands, I remind you once again that more than 500 thousand Azerbaijanis were expelled from their homes. In that case, let's be careful when we talk about genocide. Armenia has its share in cases of illegal occupation, war, violence and aggression.”

“We are not there, we don't know much about the events taking place. The truth is that there have been terrible abuses in the past, but I urge you to draw a parallel with Ukraine, where we are fighting for the territorial integrity of this country. After all, this principle was applied by the UN to Azerbaijan as well.

When the first Karabakh war ended in 1994, at least 520,000 Azerbaijanis became refugees. The UN Security Council adopted 4 resolutions in favor of Azerbaijan, in defense of its territorial integrity.”

“There have been many attempts to conclude a peace agreement in the past, there was an Armenian president who was removed from office precisely because he wanted to conclude peace.”

“There is another issue that was not mentioned in this discussion: there were regions inhabited by Azerbaijanis in Armenia. Therefore, Azerbaijan can also make its claims.” -0-

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