What displeases Ramiz Enverovich?

Meeting of the head of the presidential administration with the editors of the media on August 29 looks like it will be another step towards the "care" of the state of the media.

If assessed this event, it looked like a hard briefing with warnings and threats. In this sense, Mehdiyev spoke rather as a prosecutor, rather than the head of administration.

So, the main theses and major claims that Mehdiyev "presented" to the media are as follows:

They can be divided into several categories - ideology, politics, moral and ethical standards.

It is noteworthy that Mehdiyev quotes and refers to the Constitution and laws of the country to ensure the independence and freedom of expression and the media. However, in the basis for the activities of journalists, he puts not laws, but such a thing as patriotism and loyalty to the national state. This should be the ideological basis of the media, said Mehdiyev.

In terms of policy, the head of the administration literally ordered editors to recognize the great strides in reforming the state and political system, great achievements in all areas, as they are seen by all the "honest and decent" people.

According to Mehdiyev’s logic, calling into question the existence of such success, one automatically becomes an enemy of the country and the nation.

So, who does not believe in happy today and the bright future of the country? According to Mehdiyev, they are the Institute for Peace and Democracy, Institute of Reporters Freedom and Safety, Legal Education Society, the Centre for Monitoring Elections and democracy training and other "politicized NGOs, acting as foreign agents."

"Such things cannot but arouse just indignation,” said Mehdiyev, but forgot to add that "justice" has prevailed, and the heads of all these NGOs are arrested or are in hiding.

The activities of this "anti-Azerbaijani networks" are to write denunciations of foreign organizations to discredit the foreign partners working with the Azerbaijani authorities and to organize anti-Azerbaijani campaigns abroad.

Mehdiyev believes that this "5th column" consisting of NGOs and the media acts at the direction and instructions of pro-Armenian forces and structures abroad. "The scheme is simple: they receive money and instructions and prepare denunciations discrediting the authorities' policy of Azerbaijan."

One example of such an activity he called "imaginary list of political prisoners," false reports of pressure on journalists, human rights violations and corruption.

As an example of such "anti-national" and "hostile" activities Mehdiyev called attempts to defend the human rights of the writer Akram Aylisli, claiming that he is being persecuted for expressing an opinion.

Violating the presumption of innocence, the head of the administration accused the human rights activist Leyla Yunus of spying for the Armenians and treason.

"All this is aimed not only against the government of Azerbaijan, but also of the Azerbaijani people," - he said.

Among the media leading to discredit the authorities of Azerbaijan Mehdiyev called the newspaper Azadlig and the Azadlig radio.

Next Mehdiyev lunges against official Washington, citing a little-known publicist Mayan Yaffe: while the United States Congress will allow the radio Azadlig publish what he wants, America will increasingly move away from its partners in the Middle East.

Mehdiyev requires members of the "anti-Azerbaijani networks" come to their senses and refuse to work on the enemies of Azerbaijan and a "denunciation", otherwise they will be held accountable, he threatened.

After "dealing" with the NGOs Mehdiyev moved, finally, to analyze the situation in the media. The reason for this was the recent events at the front, where c1-th to August 5, there were clashes. Mehdiyev outraged that some media gave his own interpretation of these events, and not official.

In addition, Mehdiyev rightly criticized some of the media who reported on the redeployment of military units and military equipment, the amount of loss, the names of the wounded and dead soldiers. Among the reasons for this head of the administration recognizes a number of government agencies and guilt, which in this situation failed to act "appropriately" and to provide relevant information to the public.

    However, the primary blame for the disclosure of information of a military nature, Mehdiyev sees unprofessional journalists and Internet resources. He also criticized comments of military experts that "discredit" the armed forces and grist to the mill of the enemy.

Without naming specific media Mehdiyev accuses them of publishing military information without waiting for the Ministry of Defense reports. As an example Mehdiyev cites the case with Karen Petrosyan arrested in Tovuz on August 7. Different interpretations of this event the Defense Ministry and the media has damaged the prestige of the army and caused mistrust.

A similar incident occurred on 26 August when one of the sites put the wrong information on the detention of another "Armenian saboteur." "After the intervention of the Presidential Administration, this message has been removed, but then appeared again and was replicated."

Next Mehdiyev called unacceptable publication "enemy" of the information in its original form.

He also accused the media and many of the sites in the publication of plagiarism is fabricated posts and "sensation" for the sake of increasing attendance and rating.

Summing up, Mehdiyev quotes the National Security Concept and the law on state secrets, requiring journalists to reveal military secrets and recalls the responsibility for their violation.

He urged journalists to "objectively" evaluate the achievements of the last 11 years, which occur due to the presidency of Ilham Aliyev and his team.

It should be noted that the vast majority or even all of the media who participated in a meeting with Mehdiyev was official, pro-government and ones that cooperate with the authorities of the structure. At the meeting, there was the very media which Mehdiyev scolded. However, the interesting thing is that those violations mentioned by Mehdiyev had been committed by pro-government media is.

Long-term hunting authorities on independent media, the creation of conditions for handheld media, their constant subsidy, caused serious damage to the professional level of the press, pushing into the background concepts such as objectivity.

As a result, the press forgot about the professional codes of journalists

The main principles are racketeering, usual lies, mudslinging and implementation of political and criminal orders. Concepts such as truth or lying down to find it, for a long time are no longer the purpose of the absolute majority of the media.

For many years, the independent media have been repressed, suffocated and destroyed. This is done in the financial, law enforcement and other methods. Today, the profession of journalism has ceased to be a prestigious and interesting one.

To replace the generation of journalists, a crowd of educators and compromisers has come, but even they cannot be controlled by the power.

Therefore, in this situation, Ramiz Enverovich and his team have to blame, first of all, themselves.

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