"Tekali Process" Comes to Berlin

27 June in Berlin, with the support by the center Euro Caucasus the "Tekali process" was presented. Professor, Department of History of Azerbaijan Humboldt University Eva-Maria Auch acted as a moderator of the event, said Bulletin of the Caucasus.

In 2012, the civil society of the three countries of the Caucasus in the face of several NGOs issued the idea of solving conflicts in the South Caucasus through civil dialogue.
Civil society activists from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia told the audience about the phenomenon located at the junction of the three South Caucasus states in the Georgian village of Tekali, inhabited mainly by Azerbaijanis. Through this initiative, the village gradually transformed into a zone of "free communication" between the Azerbaijanis, Armenians and Georgians.
"On the scale we are seeing Tekali breaking walls and stereotypes that have been built between the people in the 25 years of the conflict," said the chief author of the idea, an Armenian human rights activist George Vanyan.
Professor Ali Abbasov, Azerbaijan has expressed confidence that the "Tekali process" will be the necessary starting point for the reconciliation of the peoples of the two countries.
At the initiative of the activist Murad Hasanly in Tekali they plan to hold a rock festival, which will bring together guests from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia.
 Panel members expressed skepticism about the possibility of the settlement of the conflicts in the Caucasus by politicians and expressed hope that the ordinary citizens of the three countries will take a peacekeeping initiative in their own hands.
Representatives of Azerbaijani, Armenian and Georgian NGOs also held a meeting with German MPs in the Bundestag, and presented them their initiative. -02B

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