Baku Telephone Network profits fell by 43%

By the end of 2013 the profit of Production Association Baku Telephone Communication (BTC) was 2 million 684.7 thousand manats, which is 43% less than in the previous year.

This year, BTC unveiled the annual financial report submitted together with the auditor's report.

According to the results of the audit, LLC Premium Audit, last year's income from operations (71.5 mln AZN) increased by 27.1%. The rate of cost growth (68.8 million manat) beat it by 3.5%.

In 2013 assets of BTC increased by 10 million manat and reached 166.5 million manat. Of these, 54.7% accounted for buildings and equipment.

In March 2001, by the decision of the President of Azerbaijan, Baku Telephone Communication and Aztelecom were open to privatization by individual project. However, until now no practical steps in this direction have been taken.

The capacity of the network BTC reaches 800 thousand numbers, with the number of subscribers (as of early 2012) being 624 thousand, 550 thousand of which are classified as public. - 08D-

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