Import of Timber into Azerbaijan Decreased by 60%

Within nine months of this year, the volume of imports of timber and timber products totaled approximately $ 98 million. That is 59.5% less than in the comparable period last year. This trend is associated with the fall in world prices for this commodity.

Wood is available in Azerbaijan, mainly from Russia. According to the State Statistics Committee, in the first half of this year, the country imported about 160,000 m3 of wood and so on timber. On the border the goods were declared in the average price of about $ 200 per m3.

According to Russian sources, the average export price of sawn timber from Russia in the I quarter of 2014 was $ 176.3, which is 0.2% higher than in I quarter of last year. Today, the current price of the futures contract on the supply of wood from the Russian Federation in November 2014 is $ 142 / m3.

In Baku markets selling construction materials treated wood is offered at 170-180 manat, or about $ 210 per 1 m3. Traders say that in March of this year they sold this product for 210 manat ($ 256). Thus, the prices for the last 6 months decreased by about 18%.

It should be emphasized that three years ago one cubic meter of dried wood in Azerbaijan was offered for $ 280, and dried treated wood - $ 500.

Experts note that the demand for wood products in Azerbaijan continues to remain high, which is supported by the growing trend of civil construction and furniture industries.

It is noteworthy that the decline in timber prices has not yet affected the prices of finished lumber. For example, the company Parquet House said that they offer parquet starting from 58 Euro per 1 m2. In this case, the same price is maintained from the beginning of this year.

In 2013, the volume of imports of timber and timber products in Azerbaijan amounted to about $ 280 million (+ 1.9%). --08B--

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