Over half of retail deposits increased by 5%

Bank deposits of the population in Azerbaijan on July 1, 2014 are 6 720.6 million (+5.1% YTD).

As stated in the CBA AR, the main growth was in June - 1.2% in May - 1.1%. Most manat deposits increased individuals (8%), amounting to 4 198.3 million or 62.5% of total deposits.

By July 1 of this year, the volume of bank deposits of residents (6 093.2 million manat) is almost 10 times higher than the deposits of non-residents (627.4 million manat) in the financial life of the country. As we reported earlier, amid scandals with the failed bank RoyalBank the share of non-residents’ money fell by 19.1%.

By the second half of the year, the aggregate amount of deposits in local banks was 13 991.4 mln. -17D-

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