Ali Hasanov is pleased with the results of the Sochi meeting

Head of the Presidential Administration Department, Ali Hasanov  regarded as positive the results of the Sochi meeting of Azerbaijani, Armenian and Russian presidents. In particular, the positive is that the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict was given  "status" of one of the oldest  conflicts in the world, Hasanov said.  Such a meeting was necessary against the background of "sabotage attacks" the Armenian side.

Therefore, the initiative of the President of Russia to conduct such a meeting could be interpreted as an attempt to restore the cease-fire in the region, Hasanov said.

Putin's efforts were aimed at restoring the confidence-building measures and  peaceful  settlement of the conflict. Therefore, in general, Russia's position can be interpreted as follows: the status quo must be changed in a short time and by peaceful means.

Azerbaijan's position is correct and valid, and the arguments of the Armenian side, as always,  were miserable, and the words of Serge Sargsyan looked like "a bunch of hypocrisy." He compared the words Sargsyan with a denunciation of small colony to the metropolis to its neighbor, Hasanov said.

At the same time, he regarded positive  the results of the meeting of Heads of State and negotiations to resolve the conflict after nine  months. This means the resumption of negotiations on the settlement, said Hasanov.

Referring to threats  of Sargsyan to bomb the territory of Azerbaijan in case of an attack on Yerevan, Hasanov gave philosophical and abstract comment: if Yerevan regime wants to try their luck, let  it continues its current policy, he said. -02D-

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