Arastun Orujlu: Sochi meeting was inconclusive

The absence of the results of the  meeting of Aliyev and Sargsyan in Sochi was expected, said in an interview with Turan Arastun Orujlu, the head of the Research Center "East-West".

According to him, the Sochi meeting was incorrectly presented to the public, as if the Karabakh conflict  was discussed there. "From the reports of the Kremlin, which organized the meeting, it is clear  the  question on Karabakh conflict settlement was not on the agenda," said the expert. Then why is   the meeting and this format needed?

The meeting was organized by Moscow in connection with its plans and intentions in the region. The plan is simple - to involve Azerbaijan  in the Eurasian  and Customs Unions, holding Armenia in suspended condition, without settling completely  the issue on the admission of  Yerevan  in these  structures, said Orujlu.

"The purpose of Moscow is that Yerevan played a role to bring  Azerbaijan to the Unions. Violation of the ceasefire, the murder of Azerbaijani military and Sochi meeting  are the links of one chain and part of the plan, " said Orujlu.

As for threats  the threats of  Sargsyan to bomb Baku, Orujlu sees this as a failure of the meeting.   "It seems that the Sochi meeting did not produce results. From now on, the policy of pressure on Azerbaijan  will strengthen, and Yerevan speaks on behalf of Moscow. Therefore,  more serious provocation of Armenia are not excluded," the expert believes. -03B04-

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