Said Gojamanli: A new group on political prisoners will be created

After each decree on pardons defenders feel happy,  but then again  begin political arrests,  the list of political prisoners is growing, said  in an interview with  the Objective TV,  Saida Gojamanli,  the head of the Bureau of Human Rights and the protection of legality.

She reported that to determine  the list of political prisoners  a new working group will be created. "The working group will consist of human rights activists, government representatives and the representative of the Council of Europe. Our meetings will be attended by the head of the Council of Europe Representative Office  in Baku. I hope that in this structure, we can define the list of political prisoners, " said Gojamanli.

Pedro Agramunt, who will prepare a report on political prisoners in Azerbaijan is well aware  with the problems in the country, said Gojamanli. " The visit  of PACE co-rapporteurs to Azerbaijan is expected in September.  It is likely that the report on political prisoners will be submitted to the PACE during the January 2015 session.

I hope that by this time the defenders will come to a common decision on the single list of political prisoners. I think that in the second half of August, human rights defenders will gather to solve this problem, " she said.

In determining the list  of political prisoners, attention will be given to the criteria of the Council of Europe, Gojamanli said, noting the importance of the country's judicial reforms and deepening freedoms.

"To stop the number of political  prisoners, it is necessary to extend democratic principles - freedom of speech, expression and conscience. Arrests are mostly associated with these freedoms. We should adopt Western values​​, but for this, citizens must be willing to fight for them, "  she said.-03B04-  

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