Akif Chovdarov decided to die with honor

, The former head of the liquidated  National Security Ministry, General Akif Chovdarov arrested for serious crimes began an indefinite hunger strike on Tuesday. According to his lawyer, Kyamandar Nasibov,  the reason for  the action is  the refusal of medical treatment.

According to the lawyer, in 2006,  Chovdarovu  was operated on his heart  in Germany. In 2011 he was operated  there in connection with cancer. Then  part of the stomach and lymph nodes were cut out.

After his arrest in November 2015, a lawsuit was filed against him under several articles, including serious  articles such as kidnapping, extortion, abuse of office, illegal deprivation of liberty, the establishment of a criminal association, and so on. At 9 am on October 25 Chovdarov began an indefinite hunger strike in the  jail in Kurdakhani. This happened after  on 22 October the cardiologist gave a conclusion that he was healthy, the lawyer said.

On 22 October  he had a lot of pain in the heart,  no doctors were sent for, and he was not given pain medicine. "Therefore, he started a hunger strike, stating that if he is not treated  he would die, so it is better to start a hunger strike, and die with honor," quoted Chovdarov his lawyer. Concerning the criminal case of Chovdarov, the lawyer noted that it consists of 56 volumes, and there are 26 episodes.

There are  60 victims in the case, and two others  are the heirs of the injured.

In addition, in the case there is a civil claim by the current leadership of the State  Security Service, which demands from Chovdarov approximately  three million manat. According to the lawsuit,  they are the  money of informers  of the  Ministry of National Security, which  Chovdarov misappropriated.

Chovdarov’s lawyer believes  the claim is unfounded and illegal. "If Chovdarov reveals in  which countries and how those funds were spent, there will be a violation of a state secret, and Azerbaijan's security interests will be harmed," said the lawyer.

Akif Chovdarov  is  just one of more than 20 senior officers of the Ministry of National Security arrested for serious crimes. -03B-

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