Court of Appeal Rejects Complaint against Sentence on Fuad Ahmadli

Baku / 17.08.17 / Turan: At the Baku Court of Appeal on August 16, the examination of the complaint against the verdict on Fuad Ahmadli, the activist of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), was over. The court upheld the verdict of depriving Ahmadli of freedom for a period of 4 years.

During the meeting, the lawyer Asabali Mustafayev asked the court to send a request to the company Azerfon (a cellular communication operator), to interrogate the head of this structure.

The defense believes that the letter of the company's head, which served as the basis for the criminal prosecution of Ahmadli, was drawn up after the activist's arrest.

The indictment alleges that the basis for the arrest of Fuad Ahmadli was the letter of Azerfon's leadership to the State Security Service. "The letter stated that Fuad Ahmadli allegedly transmitted some information by phone to third parties.We believe that the letter was after the arrest in order to give "legitimacy" to the case against Ahmadli. Secondly, the letter indicates an illegal interference in the contents of Ahmadli's phone. We ask the court to inspect the Azerfon registration journal and set the date of its sending, and it is necessary to interrogate the head of Azerfon and ask him on what basis illegal interference in Fuad Ahmadli's phone was carried out," the lawyer Mustafayev said.

He also stressed that Ahmadli was not an official and therefore could never abuse official powers.

Ahmedli himself pointed out that the leadership of Azerfon never filed any claims against him and severed relations with him after his arrest in connection with the expiry of the contract, and not because of shortcomings or irregularities in his work.

The court rejected the complaint, which contained a request to acquit Ahmadli.

The defense intends to appeal to the Supreme Court, and then to the European Court of Human Rights.

Recall that Fuad Ahmadli was arrested on August 17, 2016 on a far-fetched charge of "violating the norms of the law on operative-search activity" and in particular the dissemination of personal data of users of the mobile communication network Azerfon. In addition, he was accused of abuse of official authority.

On June 16, Ahmadli was sentenced to 4 years' imprisonment. He is recognized as a political prisoner. -06B-

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