Media Review for April 9, 2020

The fight against Corona Virus, the possible high prices, the purchasing power of the population, and the situation in the field of floriculture are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the activities of the authorities in social isolation in connection with the Corona Virus pandemic. The special quarantine regime was strengthened, the metro was closed, and movement within the country was limited.

Citizens must also be responsible and prevent the spread of Corona Virus.

The website is discussing price increases with MP Vahid Ahmedov. In recent weeks, potatoes and onions have risen in price by 20-30%. Flour and butter rose sharply.

The deputy recalled the words of President Ilham Aliyev that artificial price increases would be perceived as treason.

Vahid Ahmedov believes that the price increase for some products should be stopped without fail - these are bread, flour products, sugar, and meat products. The deputy called on the authorities to immediately intervene in this matter.

The website writes about the low purchasing power of the population and the lack of cash. The government is committed to containing inflation and maintaining the manat. This may cause unprofitability of agriculture, especially livestock. discusses the impact of the pandemic on the flower business. Carnations grown in greenhouses were usually exported to Russia, but now they have to be sold for nothing. One of the entrepreneurs said that this season he invested 6-7 thousand manat in his business and if the state does not help them, then the flower growers will go bankrupt.


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