Press digest 19.07.13

Out of pro-governmental and official newspapers only Yeni Musavat and 525 Gazet came out today. They keep on blackening the National Council.


Azadlig writes that Fikrat Mammadov, Azerbaijani Justice Minister, could be considered as the third candidate for the presidency.

The Gasid press distribution firm has failed to pay Azadlig an outstanding debt worth 45,000 AZN. Today the newspaper’s employees are going to take the action of protesting in front of the office of the firm.

The intention of the Academy of Sciences to create the Oil Institute is embezzlement of the state budget.

Azerbaijani Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov is looking for the source responsible to the distributed information about the purchase of the island by his son Anar in Turkey.



On July 18 the authorities started demolition one of the oldest streets in Baku Sovetskaya. The demolition will cover the area from Nizami subway to the State Statistical Committee.



Experts claim that at present, approximately 50% of the drinking water on sale in Azerbaijan does not meet the quality standards

Businessmen spend between 100,000 and 500,000 AZN or 50% of their costs for rent of offices in Baku.

60% of toys at the local market have no quality certificate, which is very dangerous for children’s health, the experts say.


Bizim Yol

Close relatives of ex-Premier Surat Huseyhov demanded he leaves the country during elections.

The investigator Mirgasym Kazymov beat to death the accused Shain Agayev at the Lenkoran investigation department.


Yeni Musavat

Commenting on the statement ‘Azerbaijani officials do not take the hearings at the US Congress seriously’, the Musavat party’s chairman Isa Gambar said “if this is so,  why does theAzerbaijani Ambassador attended the hearings?”


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