Recent amendments to law restrict freedom of expression - expert

Baku/17.03.20/Turan: Amendments to the law on information, informatization and information protection adopted by parliament on Tuesday do not correspond to freedom of information and expression, expert in the field of media law Khalid Agaliyev said.

According to him, the changes in the law contradict the Constitution of Azerbaijan, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the case law of the Strasbourg Court.

Agaliev recalled that for the first time serious changes to the law were made three years ago. Then arbitrary blocking Internet resources was legalized. These innovations did not comply with the European Convention on Human Rights and limited freedom of expression. The current amendments have further simplified the ability to block sites.

“These changes unnecessarily expand the ability of courts and other structures to block Internet resources at their discretion, arbitrarily restricting freedom of expression,” said Agaliyev.-16D-


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