Residents of demolished houses demand adequate compensation

Baku/14.05.20/Turan: A five-story residential house, 57   in the Teymur Elchin St. (formerly Saraikina)   in the center of Baku is being demolished as part of the state plan for the reconstruction of the territory. Some residents who require adequate compensation do not agree with this. However, they cannot sue because of the viral quarantine.

A resident of the house, Abbas Agayev, addressed in a letter to the head of state complaining that the proposed amount of compensation does not correspond to the market price.

On May 9, Agayev received a response stating that reconstruction work in the indicated territory is being carried out in accordance with the State Planning Commission and the Cabinet of Ministers decree N 784 dated 11. 12. 2019.

Residents say that they are offered orally 2.5 thousand manats per square meter. Residents who agreed with this amount have left,  however  Abbasovs considers the 120,000 manats  is not enough to buy a similar apartment. Experts estimate the price in the indicated place at 3200 manat (the house is located near the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet). They are also told that the house is in disrepair, but no official documents are presented. However, the Baku Executive Power does not respond to these requests. -0-


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