Three journalists were detained for coverage of the action of colleagues

Baku/23.05.19/Turan: Three journalists - Aytaj Ahmedova, Fargana Novruzova, and Turkyan Bashiri were detained on 23 May and taken to the ninth office of the Sabail district police department.

Independent journalist Fargana Novruzova told Turan that she and an employee of the Toplum.TV, Turkyan Bashirli, were detained by three civilians near the Icheri Sheher metro station. The people used force against the girls.

The journalists waited for the employees of the newspaper "Futbol +", who intended to hold a protest action in front of the presidential administration in connection with the termination of their financial assistance from the State Media Support Fund.

"There were three police cars, police officers and people in civilian clothes. One of them asked me - "What are you shooting there?" I said that I was not shooting; however, using force, they put me in a police car. Turkyan Bashirli was also put in a car, and they brought us to the police," Novruzova said.

The girl said that during her arrest they injured her arm and tore off her jacket.

According to Novruzova, they were accused of "conducting propaganda against the state" in the department and forced to write an explanatory letter.

Journalists wrote what was happened in reality. However, the girls were given another text, but they refused to sign it.

After that, they were taken to the head, who told reporters: "This time we will let you go, but next time we will arrest you."

An employee of Meydan.TV, Aytaj Ahmedova, was detained outside the presidential administration building, and brought to the ninth office.

She was kept there for three hours. After writing the explanatory letter, the girl was released.

Journalists intend to appeal the actions of police officers.

It was not possible to get comments in the ninth department and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The police also did not allow the Futbol + newspaper staff to gather at the presidential administration, and pushed them away from the building. -06D-

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