Water Price Rises for Population

The Tariff (Price) Council of Azerbaijan established new tariffs for water and wastewater (sewer) from May 16 on.

According to the new tariffs, the cost of a cubic meter of water for the cities of Baku, Sumgait and Khirdalan and the Absheron district, including VAT, will be 0.35 AZN (previous rate - 0.30 AZN). For the population of other administrative territorial units the tariff increases by 0.05 AZN and amounts to 0.30 AZN per one cubic meter of water.

For other consumer groups (not population) the rates have not changed and still amount to 1 AZN per one cubic meter of water.

At the same time, for consumers using water as raw materials the tariffs reduced from 12 AZN to 8 AZN per cubic meter of water (including for sanitation services).

A cubic meter of wastewater (sewage water) on the new tariffs for the population will be 0.15 AZN, instead of the current 0.06 AZN, and for other users - 1 AZN, instead of the previous 0.30 AZN.

Thus, from now people will pay for the use of 1 cubic meter of water and the same volume of sewage 0.50 AZN instead of the previous 0.36 AZN. In other words, these services for the population increased more than a third.

 Also abolished was the decision of the Tariff Council №19 dated 26 July 2007, according to which the tariff set at the wholesale water from the Jeyranbatan reservoir was 20 AZN per 1,000 cubic meters of water. -06D--

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