A video about the restoration of Karabakh as a commitment of official Baku

Since last week, the state television channel AzTV has shown a video clip on which the victorious war of the Azerbaijani army in Karabakh is depicted by computer graphics methods. Rockets smash Armenian targets, artillery destroys dug-outs, wide masses of tanks attack the enemy. The griffon, symbolizing Azerbaijan, is circling over Karabakh and sits on the building of the former Nagorno-Karabakh regional committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Socialist Republic, which immediately turns into a new building, and a monument to Heydar Aliyev appears before it. The destroyed historical buildings in the city of Shusha change and become like houses in Baku, comfortable villas rise from the earth in Shusha instead of old buildings called "khrushevka", and the central square becomes the place of eminence of the Azerbaijani flag.

For the first time official Baku demonstrates a video that announces and obliges the state to defeat the enemy by force of Azerbaijani weapons. The state propaganda left aside the discussion of the peace negotiations and turned to the militaristic spirit. Quoting the words of President I. Aliyev, who at the parade in honor of the 100th anniversary of the army promised to obligatory release all territories occupied by Armenia.

For the first time, the Azerbaijani side does not hide exclusively the military way to solve the Karabakh problem. For the first time, it is openly reported that the satellite OJSC Azerkosmos is observing the occupied territory. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources demonstrates a photograph from Azersky satellite, where Aghdam region is visible, and Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov said in an interview that he can watch online any place in the occupied lands with an accuracy of one person on earth.

On Saturday Zakir Hasanov on Saturday repeated the phrase that he does not exclude the resumption of hostilities in Karabakh unless the problem is resolved " in the near future."

The task assigned to the troops by the minister during the exercises on July 2-6 is noteworthy. The use of troops and the fulfilling combat missions in accordance with various scenarios for the liberation of the occupied territories are being worked out, including the practical application of the most advanced weapons and military equipment designed to destroy all the enemy's military infrastructure, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry said.

In Armenia, the psychological pressure of Azerbaijan is maintained. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan responded to the military parade in Baku by the flight of Armenian combat aircraft over Yerevan, in connection with the 26th anniversary of the creation of the Armenian Armed Forces. "In the air and on the ground, we are ready for defense and counterattack. Boldly! ", - wrote in the social network the Prime Minister, who did not refuse the proposal he had put forward to involve the Armenian leadership of Nagorno-Karabakh in negotiations.

Never since 1993 the warring parties have been as close to war as they are now. As a result of moral pressure to the Armenians caused by the movement of Azerbaijani armed forces in Nakhchivan, and direct hypothetical shelling of an Armenian village and an automobile road of republican significance. Even on the eve of the four-day fighting in April 2016, tension was not so high.

Experts in Armenia are divided. Some argue that Baku will not dare to a new war in fear of receiving a retaliatory and crushing blow. Others predict rapid fighting. Azerbaijan spends "billions of dollars" on modern weapons and military equipment not for parades, but for resolving the Karabakh conflict by military means, says Samvel Aghababyan, a military observer and author of the blog "Military Industrial Complex of Armenia." In his opinion, operational-tactical and anti-tank missile systems, missile-artillery armament and barrage drones represent a special threat to the security of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. "This armament due to high technological and long-range capability makes it possible for the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan to strike accurate blows and start effective combat operations without entering into direct fire contact," Aghababyan told the "Caucasian Knot" correspondent. He assures the Armenian readers that, despite the well-armed enemy army, the Armenian Armed Forces will be able to repel and neutralize the attacks of Azerbaijanis.

Panic appeal to the leadership of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh is published in the Yerevan edition of "Aravot". The author of the appeal - the Karabakh human rights activist, Karen Ogadjanyan, frightens Armenians with a future catastrophe.

"The accumulation of manpower and technology is unprecedented and has one single logic: preparation for large-scale military operations against the sovereign state of Artsakh. The Artsakh army has already prevented several serious attempts of sabotage by Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan spends huge sums on pre-war training of its army, whose expenditures exceed the almost monthly expenses of our army for the day. Of course, Azerbaijan is waiting for the moment when the World Cup finishes, so as not to anger Russia. Since the consultations are taking place on this issue with Russia, it is quite obvious that this can be seen at least on the urgent visits of high-ranking Russian officials in Baku and, respectively, in Azerbaijan to Moscow ... It is not excluded that Moscow will give the go-ahead for military operations for sobering up the new the Armenian leadership, which it still distrusts, although publicly Russia demonstrates friendly gestures. I am frightened by the other, inert behavior of the Armenian leadership, especially the Armenian Defense Ministry, on real facts threatening the physical security of the citizens of Artsakh and Armenia. And the fact that no measures are taken to reduce the possible physical and material damage in the event of the resumption of large-scale military operations on the part of the enemy is simply outrageous. The diplomatic department of Armenia, which does not inform the world community about the real intentions of Azerbaijan, also acts idle. In my opinion, the coordination of interaction between the relevant departments of Artsakh and Armenia is also lost. I am concerned with all this, and as a citizen and patriot of my country, all Armenians, I must try to open my eyes to all those who persistently do not want to see a real threat to the national security of the entire Armenian people and call upon them in accordance with their functional duties to take effective steps to prevent military confrontation, which will turn into a humanitarian catastrophe not only for the Armenian people, but for the entire South Caucasus region," Ogadjanyan writes.

In his personal page on FB, human rights defender Ogadjanyan shows photographs on which he installs military equipment on the positions of Armenian troops in Karabakh and poses with a sniper rifle of European production.

A feature of the current propaganda campaign of Azerbaijan is the promotion of the idea that unlike the events of April 2016, this time the Kremlin will not interfere with the attack of the Azerbaijani armed forces. In favor of this thought is not only the silence of Moscow on the movement of the troops of the Nakhchivan Corps, but even the approval of Volodin, the speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, who spoke in Baku of the constructive Karabakh policy of Azerbaijan. Speaker Volodin visited Baku after the movement of the Nakhchivan Corps unit in the direction of the Armenian village of Gunnut. Volodin's words provoked a sharp discontent in Yerevan.

Former Foreign Minister Tofiq Zulfugarov proposes not to fear pro-Armenian circles in Russia, arguing that he does not believe that Russia will use force against Azerbaijan. In an interview with Turan, he called the negotiations with Armenia unpromising and called on not to proceed from pro-Armenian circles in Russia, but to fulfill the will of the Azerbaijani people.

Commenting on the importance of the video of AzTV, which was mentioned at the beginning of the article,

T. Zulfugarov remembered the code phrase of the Turkish Prime Minister during the conflict in Cyprus. Leaving the UK, where Cypriot negotiations ended unsuccessfully, the prime minister told the journalists "Indy Aisha tetile chyha biler" (now Aisha can go on vacations). Aisha is the daughter of the head of the Turkish government. This phrase was a signal to the Turkish Armed Forces to launch an operation against the Greek Nazis in Cyprus. The Turkish army came and did its job, although earlier the Greeks, mocking the Turks, broadcast the song "Sen gelmez oldun", "recalled Zulfugarov.

Concerning possible participation of Russia in the future war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the ex-minister called Armenia "a suitcase without a handle" from Russia. Armenia as a military outpost has lost its meaning in modern times, when strategic missiles reach any, the most distant goal. And with the coming of pro-Western Pashinyan to power, Armenia ceased to be a conductor of Russian geopolitical interests in the Caucasus. Now Armenia, having renounced Russia, is looking for another patron. "New Armenia" openly claims to territories outside Nagorno-Karabakh, continuing to think that it is covered by a Russian military umbrella. This cannot last long. Moscow does not intend to further defend the increased ambitions of Pashinyan's Armenia, which is the reason for Russia's cool and critical attitude to its still "strategic partner," Zulfugarov said.

"The moment of truth is approaching. Azerbaijan is not weak as before, it demonstrates effective military and state building. Time has come about which spoke the former President Levon Ter-Petrosyan on November 1, 1997 in the article "War, or Peace: It's Time to Become More Serious": "What we reject today, we will have to ask in the future - as it used to happen many times in our history ", Ter-Petrosyan quoted T. Zulfugarov.

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