Avropa Şurasının baş katibi Thorbjørn Jagland

Avropa Şurasının baş katibi Thorbjørn Jagland

Strasbourg / 10/01/17 / Turan: Council of Europe Secretary General Thornbjørn Jagland published an appeal on his Facebook page saying:

"In the last few days, a massive and organized campaign against the Council of Europe started with personal attacks on the Secretary General, as well as several human rights organizations.

Never in the history of Europe have I seen such an attack from outside on the elected Secretary General.

The reason for this was the initiative to start a process against Azerbaijan, because the country continues to keep in prison a well-known prisoner Ilgar Mammadov, despite the fact that the European Court of Human Rights decided three years ago that he should be released.

The blogger Fatullayev makes the most powerful attacks. He was in prison, but was released after numerous efforts.

He himself said, the Secretary General saved his life. But at the same time he became a defender of the government.

Unfortunately, I've seen many such cases, activists who are threatened and subjected to violence by prisoners organized by prison authorities. In the end, some of them can no longer resist, beg for mercy and are released after saying they are ready to appear in front of TV cameras in Baku.

I have already said that we can no longer tolerate with this. With one of the committee members I started my own investigation two years ago, to which I have the right under Article 52.

Finally, the Member States, their oil, gas, finance, as well as strategic interests, will subordinate them to the interests of the political prisoner.

The basis of Europe is on the demand for the freedom of individuals, and the system of collective justice created after the war will protect this sacred principle." -0-

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