Baku/23.04.19/Turan: The operating company Baku City Circuit, which is responsible for organizational issues of holding the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan Formula -1 2019 of the year, refused to accredit Turan News Agency to cover these events.

The unsubstantiated refusal was conveyed orally on April 22, although the agency filed a written application on January 23, 2019.

The agency regards this act as open discrimination and conscious restriction of professional activities of the agency and continued state policy on restriction of freedom of speech in Azerbaijan.

Earlier, Turan news agency sent an information request to the head of the Marketing and Communications Department of the Baku City Circuit operating company, Nigar Arpadarai, and will seek written explanations in the form prescribed by law.

The information request states:

Dear Ms. Nigar, Correspondent of the Turan Information Agency through the Operational of Baku City Circuit (Bakı Şəhər Halqası əməliyyat irkəti (BŞH)) online registration for coverage of the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan "Formula 1" (2019 Formula 1 Azərbaycan Qran Prisi), which will be held in Baku from April 26 to 28 2019 year.

However, on April 22, he was orally denied accreditation.

Our agency received accreditation in 2017-2018 and covered Formula 1 races in Baku. There have never complaints about our work at the competitions.

Due to the current unhealthy situation on the basis and within the deadlines set with the laws "On Mass Media" and "Freedom of Information", I ask you to respond in writing to the following questions:

1. Who made the decision to refuse accreditation?

2. What was the reason for the decision to refuse?

3. Which government agencies made a decision about denial of accreditation?

6. What media have received accreditation (by name)?

5. What media"s accreditation was denied (by name)?--0--

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