Azerenerji decided to build big thermal power station in Baku

This year construction of another thermal power station will start in Baku.

In 2013 Azerenerji plans to build a new big modular station in Baku around the Beyuk Shor lake.

Finnish Wartsila company will build the modular power station. Since 2005 the company has put seven modular power stations with total capacity of 858 MWt in Azerbaijan.

The new power station will be the most powerful one - it will consist of 21 blocs, which will be able to generate 384 MWT power.

Why is it necessary to build such a powerful station in Baku? The newly built Canub power station with the capacity of 780 MWt will be launched in Shirvan city after several days and part of power generated by this station will be used to supply the capital of Azerbaijan - Baku. The Clean City project was launched in Balakhany district in December 2012 and it will generate 231 MWt of power while burning domestic wastes.

The new thermal power station Shimal-2 with the capacity of 400 MWt is planned to be launched in Shuvelan district, on the north of the Absheron peninsula, after a year. It is being built next to the powerful station, which has been operating since 2001. The new power station was launched in Sumgait city, 40 km north of Baku, with the power of 525 MWt in November 2011. Thermal station with 105 MWt power has been also operating in Baku.

Total generating capacities of Azerenerji of 1500-1600 MWt exceed the country's need in power during the load peak. Thus, it is unclear why does the country need to build another big thermal power station in Baku?

One can suppose that construction of big sports facilities will start in the coming months around Beyuk Shor lake, one which will be the Millennium Stadium for the 60,000 audience for opening of the First European Olympic Games in Azerbaijan. All these facilities should be ready by June 2015 and the issues of regular and stable power supply forced the authorities to take these measures. Azerbaijan still experiences problems with power transportation and even such accidents as lack of power supply in the underground for a long period of time.

Modular power stations built by Wartsila company in Azerbaijan


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The Finnish company gets all the contracts for construction of modular power stations from the state power generation monopolist of Azerbaijan without the bids.-0-

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