Deposits in Bank Respublika increased in the first quarter by quarter

Assets of JSC Bank Respublika increased in January-March 2013 by 12.3%, reaching 483.75 million manat. The volume of issued and corporations loans grew by 3.8% and amounted to 243.71 million manat.

The total liabilities of the bank increased from 370.18 million to 420.93 million manat. The deposit portfolio increased by 21.1% to 313.68 million manat, including term client investments increased by 25% to 111.32 million manat.

The balance capital grew by 3.5% to 62.82 million manat, and the total capital - by 2.5% higher than the 60.68 million manat. Paid charter capital remained unchanged at 37.46 million manat.

The bank's earnings were equal to 13.04 million manat, expenses - 11.03 million manat. Net profit after tax amounted to 1.61 million manat. - 15B -


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