In 2014, Production at ACG Exceeded Forecasted Amounts - BP

In January-September, the volume of oil produced from the offshore Azeri, Chirag and deepwater Guneshli (ACG) totaled 24.2 million tons of oil.

The journalists were told by the President of BP-Azerbaijan Gordon Birrell.

According to him, in the current year due to the drilling of production results were better than predicted. In the first nine months average daily production volumes totaled 655,700 barrels. "As we already know, we have planned for the current year maintenance work on the largest platform ACG - Central Azeri. The aim of this work is to improve the stability of the platform, including the constant improvement of the security system, as well as the modernization of several modules that do not meet modern requirements of the oil industry. In this regard, 31 October we start the operation to stop production at the Central Azeri platform. According to the plans, we must fully complete the work on upgrading the platform and run it on 27 November and on 2 December it will be on the previous power production - 160 thousand barrels per day," said the head of BP-Azerbaijan.

Birrel stressed that though the Central Azeri platform will be stopped for about a month, it will not affect the annual figures for the extraction of the consortium. "Firstly, when our annual budget has been approved, all this was taken into account, and secondly, according to the forecast data by the end of the year we had to produce 620 thousand barrels daily. However, if we start from today's performance (more than 650 thousand barrels), then considering the stopping of the platform, we will still obtain more than the targets," said the President of BP-Azerbaijan.

* BP is the operator of the ACG development.

** In January-September 2013 average daily production at ACG was 663,200 barrels.

*** The Central Azeri platform is in operation since 2005. It is the largest platform in the Caspian Sea. -12B--

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