43rd “Azerbaijani spy” arrested in Armenia

Baku/11.07.22/Turan: The National Security Service of Armenia announced on Monday the arrest of another militant  who was spying on Azerbaijan.

According to the agency, he was recruited through the ”Odnoklassniki” social networks and, for money, transferred to the enemy data about the Armenian Armed Forces, officers, weapons, the location  of units and their numbers.

In turn, the Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia issued an appeal, saying that the total number of exposed agents of Azerbaijani intelligence today is 43 people. They were recruited before and after the Second Karabakh War. As a result, significant damage was inflicted on the Armenian troops during the war.

The recruitment of military and civilians was carried out during their stay in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, as well as through social networks. Thus, the militants got acquainted on the Internet with supposedly Armenian women and shared with them information about themselves and their service. Later they received offers to report classified information for money.

“In a number of cases, the servicemen, in a conversation on intimate topics, passed on information containing state, official secrets,” it was reported.

In a number of cases, the recruited military met with Azerbaijani intelligence in the above countries, receiving money and new assignments.

Currently, 10 criminal cases of high treason committed during the 44-day war are being investigated, 43 people appear as defendants. 3 criminal cases against 12 persons were sent to the courts. -02B-

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