Election Monitoring Center on February 9 election results

Baku / 10.02.20 / Turan: The Center for Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies released a preliminary conclusion of the results of the February 9 parliamentary elections.

At a press conference on February 10, the head of the Center, Anar Mammadli, said that the election situation was monitored for two months.

On February 9, observers of the Center were present there by randomly selecting polling stations. They recorded the facts of voting of persons not included in the voters list.

This was the case in 48% of the plots; confidentiality violations were observed in 35% of the plots.

Throwing in ballots was one of the main violations. Only 53% of the polling stations were reflected in the minutes.

Mammadli said the CEC did not disclose voter turnout at polling stations on election day, although this had previously been done.

There were cases of violence against observers and the candidates themselves.

“This was the most serious violence against observers for all the time of our election observation since 2005,” Mammadli said.

“We believe that the elections to the Milli Majlis on February 9, 2020 are a violation of the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and they do not meet international standards, do not express the free will of the people of Azerbaijan,” he concluded. -0-


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