EU to support police cooperation with Eastern Partnership countries

The European Commission has today adopted a new programme to support cooperation on police services between the EU and the Eastern Partnership (EaP) neighbouring countries. 

The Eastern Partnership Police Cooperation Programme will promote police cooperation on issues related to cross-border crime between the EU and the Eastern Partnership countries and among the EaP countries themselves. By doing so, the EU will help to strengthen the rule of law in the region.

“Trust in law enforcement agencies is one of the cornerstones needed to build a sustainable democracy and we believe that cooperation in the police services can greatly enhance law and order in the countries of our Eastern neighbours. The Eastern Partnership Police Cooperation Programme aims at ambitious but important targets. Law enforcement reform – including the police reform – is one of the main benchmarks against which the EU will assess progress and adapt its levels of support to our Eastern partners," Commissioner for Enlargement and the European Neighbourhood Policy Štefan Füle said. 

In the framework of the adopted programme a series of activities such as study tours, exchange programmes, training and meetings will be organised to facilitate networking and build partnerships and trust among the police forces of the EU and EaP countries. Specialised training and exchange of best practice will be supported to increase knowledge and skills of Eastern neighbours' police in police management and fight against cross-border crime. The total budget of the programme is €5 million planned for the period of four years. -0-


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